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Sound Enclosure

Sound Enclosure Application for Vibratory Parts Feeder Bowls and Vibratory Straight Line Tracks:

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Simply Contact Us and our experienced engineers will work with you to create the ideal automatic vibratory feeder bowl system which may include options of, vibratory hopper feeders, centrifugal feeders, vibratory drive units, vibratory tracks, parts sorters and part placements systems to solve your parts feeding problem.

Sound Enclocures, Vibromatic's solution to sound abatement, of vibratory parts feeder bowl systems, which has become a growing concern for today's noise conscious company. Vibromatic offers a complete line of sound enclosure products to reduce vibratory feeder bowl and vibratory straight line noise levels.

Sound Enclosures, by Vibromatic, are designed to effectively reduce noise levels of larger vibratory parts feeder bowl systems including vibratory straight line tracks. The most unique thing about our sound enclosure is its ability to be broken down by sides. This is accomplished through the use of quick release latches at all corners. Square sound enclosures are designed to be broken down one side at a time, or all sides in just minutes. This allows for total access to your vibratory parts feeder bowl system, which facilitates ease of maintenance.

The use of 1/8" thick aluminum sides allows for excellent strength, and quick, easy cutouts (or tooling) of the enclosure. All enclosures are lined with two pound charcoal polyester urethane (foam) with pressure sensitive back.  These specifications also apply to Vibromatic's unique line sound enclosure packages for automatic screwdriver systems.  They may be ordered in most any size, square, rectangular, round, or any combination of the above.


  • Lexan tops for better visibility of the vibratory parts feeder bowl system.
  • Lexan windows in the sides for added light and visibility of the vibratory parts feeder bowl system. .
  • Hinged doors or windows in the side panels.
  • Painted to your desired color




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